Are you making the most of your health and wellbeing space?

28 Jun 2023


Many health, medical, and therapy practices have their own clinic spaces where they operate. These spaces can come in various forms, such as converted residential houses, shopfronts, or office blocks. On UK Therapy Rooms, we have even seen some unique locations like barns, glamping pods and even a converted train carriage.

Operating a clinic can be expensive, but it can also be a valuable and in-demand asset. There are several ways you can maximise revenue from your existing clinic space. Consider the following ideas:


Therapy Rooms

 Take a look at your clinic’s available therapy rooms. Are they being used to their full potential? If you have unused therapy rooms or your room usage is not at 100%, consider renting out these spaces to local practitioners. There is a growing demand from therapists, doctors, and clinicians who are looking to rent clinic rooms on a sessional or ad hoc basis. By renting out your unused room space, you can increase revenue and make the most of your resources. Prices for room rentals can vary from £7 to £30 per hour, depending on the location and amenities provided. You can find or list therapy rooms for rent on UK Therapy Rooms.


Gyms and Studios

If your clinic or health space has an existing gym or a larger room that could be converted into a fitness space, you have an opportunity to generate additional revenue. There is a growing demand for spaces suitable for yoga instructors, fitness trainers, and personal trainers to conduct their sessions. Consider renting out your gym or studio space on a regular or ad hoc basis to fitness professionals. This not only helps you optimise the use of your clinic space but also provides a valuable service to the fitness community.


Salon chairs to rent

In the beauty industry, a popular trend is for salons to rent out their hairdressing chairs to independent beauticians or provide space for nail technicians to operate from. If your clinic has available space that could incorporate salon chairs and tables, this presents a potential opportunity for generating additional income. Beauticians and nail technicians who do not often require a private and confidential room can benefit from such shared spaces. Explore the demand in your area and consider offering salon chair rentals to professionals looking for a convenient location to provide their services. Find out more information on salon chairs to rent on UK Therapy Rooms



 If your clinic has spare office capacity, you can explore the concept of offering workspace to practitioners who rent space in your clinic. Innovative businesses like Until have developed a popular model where practitioners pay a regular subscription on top of their space rental and are provided with an area to conduct administrative work. By charging practitioners a monthly fee for workspace, you can provide them with a base for their work, and in turn, generate additional revenue for your clinic.


Event Hosting

Another way to maximise the usage of your clinic space is by offering it as a venue for workshops, seminars, or events related to health, wellness, or personal development. Many practitioners, trainers, or organisations are constantly looking for suitable spaces to hold educational or interactive sessions. By opening your clinic space for such events, you can attract additional income while also establishing your clinic as a hub for learning and community engagement. Advertise your space on relevant platforms or reach out to local professionals in the industry to gauge their interest in utilising your clinic for workshops or events.

These ideas present various opportunities for you to optimise the usage of your clinic space and increase the revenue and profitability of your business. This in turn might help in the future in securing the best possible price for your business asset.

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