Verilo Introduces Small Business Package for Health Sector Sole Traders and Small Businesses

16 Mar 2023

Verilo, a leading business brokerage specialising in the health sector, has announced the launch of its new Small Business Package tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of sole traders and small business owners. This cost-effective solution is designed to support small businesses in the health sector by providing essential tools and resources for successfully selling their businesses.

Smaller business owners often struggle with the cost of using a fully brokered service, but still require assistance and support during the selling process. Verilo’s Small Business Package offers a more affordable alternative that empowers owners to take charge of their sale while still receiving expert guidance and support.

For a fixed cost of £1,950 plus VAT, the Small Business Package includes:

  • Valuation Guide and Support – Assistance in determining the value of your business and setting the sale price, with the help of Verilo’s expert broker team.
  • Sales Templates – Professional and effective sales brochure and advert templates, reviewed by our team, to aid in marketing your business.
  • Confidentiality Agreement – A short-form non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your business’s confidential information when dealing with potential buyers.
  • Ongoing Guidance and Support – Up to 2 hours of support sessions with Verilo’s team, providing insights into marketing and selling your business, avoiding pitfalls, and achieving the best possible outcome.*
  • Advertising – 6 months of advertising on trusted business-for-sale platforms, reaching tens of thousands of potential investors and buyers (RRP £1,200).

As part of the strategic partnership between PhysioFirst and Verilo, PhysioFirst members can also benefit from a free 30-minute appraisal to discuss their sale strategy and receive an additional 25% support time with the Small Business Package.

This unique offering is exclusively available to small businesses and sole traders in the health sector. To learn more about eligibility and suitability, or to take advantage of Verilo’s Small Business Package, contact Verilo today.

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