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Business Owners.

Thinking about your exit?

If you’re a clinic owner looking to sell your practice, you’re in the right place.

We understand how hard it is to build and run a successful practice, and how it feels when you reach a crossroads with it. We get the conflict of being passionate about your practice but needing to make a change to your lifestyle and realise some value for all the hard work you have put in.

We specialise in helping people like you sell your clinic or realise a part exit by facilitating associate buy outs.

Healthcare. Medical. Wellness.

Sector specialists.

We are different to most business brokers. We specialise in the healthcare, medical and wellness sector. We are knowledgeable and experienced in this space and have built up a strong network of people looking to buy practices.

We are a small team and only work with a handful of clients at any one time. We believe in building strong, personal relationships with all our clients and will work closely to support you throughout the process.

Most importantly, we know the journey you’ve been on. We’ve experienced the ins and outs of running a clinic and get the business model. We know what questions to ask and how to market your business to achieve the best outcome.

The Process

(01) Discovery Call

We start with a free discovery call to discuss your business and goals. We’ll assess if your business is ready for sale and if we can add value. We always give realistic and candid advice, even if it means recommending a different path. If your business is a fit, we’re confident we can help.

(02) Fact Find

Once we are engaged, we will send you a fact find questionnaire. This helps us learn more about your business.

(03) Marketing Material

Once we have the information we need, we will prepare your marketing material – a professional sales pack that will eventually be shared will the buyers you want to engage with.

(04) Launch

This is where things start getting exciting. Once marketing material has been approved, we launch your campaign. We notify our buyers network, put your listing live, and advertise via leading business for sale platforms. Everything is anonymous at this stage.

(05) Search and Buyer Meetings

Over the coming weeks we will share interested buyers with you. There’s usually a lot of interest immediately post launch followed by a steady stream of enquiries. All buyers must sign up to our NDA terms and only those you approve get access to your information. The most engaged buyers will likely want to meet you soon after enquiry to get a better understanding of your business and motives.

(06) Offers

Once we have secured enough interest, we will invite buyers to put forward their offers. We will help you evaluate offers and negotiate terms.

(07) Heads of Terms

Once an offer has been accepted, heads of terms will be drawn up. These ensure that all the main commercial terms have been captured and understood by both parties. This will be used by your solicitors when preparing the sale contracts. We can put you in touch with a solicitor if you don’t already have one.

(08) Due Diligence

The due diligence and legal phase typically last around 3 months. This buyers team will do their final checks and both parties legal advisors negotiate the sale contracts. While the solicitors do the heavy lifting, we are on hand to keep everyone on track, help find pragmatic solutions to any issues that arise, and provide you with ongoing support.

(09) Completion

Once every one is happy with the contracts, they are signed, funds are transferred and your business is sold. You can breath a sign of relief and go celebrate.

Optimising Your Sale

A sector specialist business broker, equipped with extensive industry knowledge and a robust network, can make the sale process more manageable, more likely to succeed and result in a better outcome. Here’s why….

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Our founder, Joshua Catlett, has built and exited one of the largest private physio clinic groups in the UK. He brings a unique perspective to the broker industry, with both commercial skillls and healthcare market experience.

He and the team have over a decade of experience to share, to help you achieve your own business goals.

Helping facilitate major change for healthcare businesses

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