Fact find

We kick things off by getting to know your business.


Preparing sales material

We prepare your sales particulars, ad campaigns, and set up your virtual data room (VDR).



Once you're happy with the sales documents we send out a launch campaign to our buyers network and put your ad campaigns live. Don't worry, everything is anonymous at this stage.


Buyer search

Buyers start to register their interest, often within hours of campaign launch. Once they have been screened and accepted the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) terms, we share them with you for approval. Only approved buyers get access to your identify and sales pack. The search phase lasts 2-6 months depending on responses.



Around 30% of buyers will usually request to meet the owner and ask for further information. Meeting and engaging with buyers happens alongside the search phase.


Inviting offers

Once we are happy with the pool of buyers, we invite buyers to put forward their offer. Buyers can make offers at any stage and it is not uncommon to accept an offer and end the process early, if the offer is right.



We help you understand the different offers and deal structures presented. We then negotiate with buyers on your behalf to secure you the best outcome.


Offer acceptance

Once you are happy with the deal terms, the offer is accepted and heads of terms area greed. We can guide you on the commercial aspects of this but this is where your legal representative will likely step in. We work closely with a number of solicitors and can make an introduction if needed.


Due diligence and legals

The due diligence and legal phase typically last 2-4 months for most deals. This is where the buyers team do their final checks and both parties legal advisors negotiate the sale contracts. While the solicitors do the heavy lifting, we are on hand to keep everyone on track, help find pragmatic solutions to any issues that arise, and provide you ongoing support.



Congratulations - your business is sold!


Average number of expressions of interest within 24 hours of launch.

90 %

Businesses that received at least 2 offers.

£ 21 M

Total offers secured for clients last year.

Helping facilitate major change for healthcare businesses

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